Club Captain

I have the pleasure of being the current Captain of Lamberhurst Golf Club. The Club itself is over 125 years old and has been described by at least one leading professional as 'The Augusta of Kent'

We are a members club run by the members for the members and have a team of experienced staff all dedicated to making the experience of being a member as enjoyable as possible. The greenstaff, a number of whom have been with the club over 20 years, are headed by Bruce Woodgate who has over 25 years service himself. They take great pride in presenting the whole course and in particular the greens in the best possible condition. If you can find better greens in Kent or Sussex I would like to see them!

As a members club we all have a vested interest in making the golfing experience a pleasurable one for each and every one of us,so we take pride in helping new members find their way into the club. Our professional Brian Impett and his team, in company with all the members, work hard at making sure new members are integrated as quickly as possible so they can get used to and enjoy being involved in all aspects of the club, not only in golfing terms but in the many social events that are held throughout the year.

If you are thinking of taking up golf, just moved to the area, or perhaps a member of a proprietary club come and talk to us - come and get a taste of what a members club can be like. I can assure you of a warm welcome from all concerned.

Colin Poore

Club Captain 2016-2017