The 2018 4MAJORS Challenge

Dear Punters
Yes its that time once again, to start thinking about golf all from the comfort of your armchair!
You will probably get another invite via the club website, so this should give you the edge in prep time

I've attached a copy of The Small Print, and a list (thanks to Rob C) of those golfers eligible to play in this year's Masters.
Whether they will or not can be seen by viewing the latest list at

Last year many of you kindly paid up front for all 4 Majors.
This was such a boon to the Bar Staff who are often busy with club events at the same time as the Majors.The only change to the usual system is that we ask you to put your cash and entry form in an envelope, essential if the Bar is busy

So, good luck all, and encourage your rivals, work colleagues, family, pet hamster, whoever, to have a go.
And get your £20's to Louise/ Bar staff as well as your selection(s) by noon on Thursday 5th April. Alternatively to can email me your selections, but please pay Louise before the comp starts.

Regards, Linda

(and, of course, if you would rather not play this year, please let me know and I'll scrub your address from my list)

masters 2018 field (as at 3rd April)

The Small Print 4 Masters 2018