The 2017 4MAJORS Challenge

Dear Punters
My missives will end soon... promise!
You have probably heard that Martin Kaymer has withdrawn (special note to those dozen who are sticking to their original 4 more charity!)
Study the attached Field carefully
The winnings pot for the USPGA is already over £200 and the Overall Pot for those who enter all 4 of this year's Major Challenges is over £350!!

Meantime, there was an article in today's paper reporting on a new and highly successful betting system recently applied at Goodwood races.
This may be of interest to those who have so far failed miserably in their attempts to bring home the bacon.
The sharing link failed so this snip will have to suffice .........

Of course you might spot the Tamworth Two in action this weekend, also at Goodwood!

Meantime, good luck (to most of you)