The 2017 4MAJORS Challenge continues with the US OPEN

but its not too late to join in and if you haven't a clue of what this was about, then read The Small Print here.....

Dear Punters

Our 2nd 4MAJOR Challenge is less than a fortnight away. This one is run by the USGA who encourage over 9000 to enter, to be whittled down to 156. So far there are 90 qualifiers, but not all of those will enter. Anyhow here is the link to those who might be playing. Usual Small print, and let either Louise have your paper entry selection or email it to me. Louise is the banker for the entry fee of £5


Our 1st 4MAJOR of 2017 gave us an exciting finish both here and in Augusta! Check the results and how you faired here:
There were several firsts:
• our largest number of challengers to date, 112, hence our largest Pot of £336
• the first time we COULD have picked the minimum 1-2-3-4
• a mere 2 ranking points separated the 4 winners 23-24-25
• all 4 winners had different selections
• TWO novices are in the prizes, one furthering our post Brexit friendships with Asgard et al. WELL DONE YOU TWO!
• the new method of selection, weirdest sounding names of players, has not been a success. and the blindfold method has also been less successful than usual

And so it only leaves me to congratulate the winners, Sharon, Robin, Chris and Yngve on showing such excellent judgement ......
Your winning envelopes are ready for collection from the Bar.
Yngve, please harass Mr Tanne for your prize, if he ever tells you of your success
(else liaise with Harald and Tom, or better still email me)

and the rest of you can settle your bets with rivals by looking at the results here:.
- If you are one of the 72 who have paid your £20 up front, thank you and check the 1st column!

Meantime allow some time to do your homework before the next Major, the 117th U.S. Open, to be played 15th – 18th June at Erin Hills in Erin, Wisconsin


and thanks to John & Ken for checking the results, and Louise & John for taking in the dosh


Our 4 armchair Major golfing challenges are open to all members, their friends, colleagues and family, even canny pets and the whole of Norway! £5 per entry, in advance and the chance to win a share of the Overall Pot for those who enter all four majors

This is a bit of fun and a good base for essential oneupmanship with friends and fellow competitors, as well as offering a good financial bonus for the holiday fund.

Please join us and just show the world your knowledgeable, discerning golfing skills

The Small Print 2017 is attached showing how to enter

And of course, you can very easily change your entries by email up to the first tee off


*So just pay Louise*** and either give her your selection on a bit of paper or email me your selections in the order US: GB&I: EUROPE: RESToftheWORLD

e a s y and good luck all


and here are the 2016 the OVERALL POT winners and placings

and lastly a summary listing all the winners and prizes and the money raised for Colin's charity last year